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Go Sho is an online system that allows researchers to invite participants to respond to certain questions or tasks using their webcam or mobile/tablet cameras.

The videos are privately stored in the admin area where you can view and share with colleagues and clients.

We like to think that the system bridges a gap in between face-to-face interviews and online questionnaires. It is not a replacement for these approaches but another tool available for gathering successful qualitative research under particular conditions.

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How it works

How It Works

Administrators create projects and set questions or tasks to those projects in the administration area. Administrators can invite participants via email to particular projects and view those questions or tasks.


Participants can login and see the questions or tasks and record their responses using their webcams or mobile devices.


The videos are then saved securely online for administrators to view, share among colleagues or download to use in presentations.

Video research on the move with our new mobile app.

Location Filming

Location Filming

Uses In Practice

The system is mainly used for qualitative market research purposes and medical and clinical research studies.

The main benefits of the system lies where the technology can save time for both the researcher and respondent and where time and location can slow down the interview process.

Videos can be saved to your local computers (as Mp4, Mov and other codecs) and edited so you have a record of your respondents’ activity to backup and reference in your reports and presentations.



  • Respondents are at remote locations to save travel
  • Respondents can record in their spare time under relaxed conditions
  • Video recording allows respondents to open up more than text based responses
  • Set up within 24 hours and branded to suit your business

  • Face to face video systems such as Skype or FaceTime do not allow for the recording of video conversations
  • No need to co-ordinate diaries for researcher and respondent
  • Videos allow you to understand your respondent more deeply than text or phone responses
  • Location recording on mobiles allow users to film their environments away from their computers – very handy for in store and other location based questions.

Other Services



We can edit footage and format results cross browser and device presentations to share with colleagues and clients.



Gather Quantitative data from users through mobile and desktop questionnaires.

Data Visualisation


Info graphics and animations to compliment quantitative data.



We provide complete support and can also customize functionality and design to suit your business needs

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